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Arizona faces significant concerns with water scarcity due to its arid climate and increasing demand from growing population centers, exacerbating pressures on already stressed water resources such as the Colorado River. Climate change projections indicate heightened risks of prolonged droughts, threatening the state's ability to sustain agriculture, ecosystems, and urban communities reliant on adequate water supplies.

To bolster Arizona's economy and attract and retain businesses and talented workers, we must confront the state's status as the worst-funded public education system in the nation. This demands significant policy shifts, foremost among them being the reevaluation of universal vouchers. By reallocating these funds to prioritize fair compensation for educators, we can enhance teacher retention and elevate Arizona's standing in per-pupil spending. Moreover, directing resources towards critical areas like classroom supplies, special education, extracurriculars, STEM programs, and the arts is essential for fostering educational excellence and driving economic growth.


Arizona urgently requires public policies to tackle its affordable housing shortage, particularly for extremely low-income households, who face severe cost burdens due to spending over half their income on housing. Addressing this crisis necessitates comprehensive strategies to increase the availability of affordable rental homes tailored to those with incomes at or below the poverty guideline or 30% of their area median income.

Meet Stephanie Simmons

Stephanie cares deeply about Arizona's future

Sunrise AZ Legislature (4).png

Embracing Gandhi's timeless wisdom to 'Be the change you wish to see in the world,' Stephanie has embarked on a journey of service to our community, stepping forward to represent District 10 in the State Legislature.

As Arizona takes center stage in the 2024 presidential election, Stephanie is wholeheartedly dedicated to carrying forward the spirit of change. Our state stands as a pivotal player in national discourse, grappling with issues ranging from water scarcity to reproductive rights, and Stephanie is steadfast in her commitment to tackle these challenges with vigor.

With over 25 years of diverse executive experience spanning higher education, banking, technology, and manufacturing, Stephanie brings a unique perspective to the table. Her leadership acumen enables her to comprehend various viewpoints and devise innovative solutions to complex problems.

Stephanie's academic background is equally impressive, boasting a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Utah and recognition in the Pi Alpha Alpha Honors Society for Public Affairs and Administration.

Service is part of Stephanie's lifestyle.  From seven years volunteering with Junior Achievement to her roles as PTA Treasurer, Boy Scout Leader, and Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism Commissioner, she's dedicated to making her community better. Service isn't just something she does; it's who she is.

Outside of her professional and political endeavors, Stephanie is often found paddle boarding along the currents of the Salt River accompanied by her Yorkie, Eloise. She also treasures quality time with her four children, cherishing every opportunity to create lasting memories with her family.


Are you in  District 10?

Arizona's 10th legislative district is one of 30 in the state, consisting of section of Maricopa County Pinal County. As of 2023, there are 46 precincts in the district, 43 in Maricopa and three in Pinal, with a total registered voter population of 142,562. The district has an overall population of 235,579. Source - Wikipedia

LD10 Map.PNG

Source - Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

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